UF Health i2b2 Training Tools

You can access our i2b2 Cohort Discovery Tools by filling out our online form. You will be provided credentials, as well as detailed access instructions via email once authorized.

This interface is only available through UF Health Networks. It is inaccessible from commercial internet providers unless authenticated through Shands or HSC VPN architecture.

i2b2 Training Basics

This introductory module offers a brief overview of the basic operations used to navigate the i2b2 Cohort Discovery Tool. The training only takes 10 minutes to complete and is only available on UF Health Networks. It is not accessible from offsite without the use of the HSC or Shands VPN.

Age and Consent2Share

Learn how to : limit your search by two different age variables; and design a query to find living patients who have consented to be re-contacted for research studies.

The “Navigate Terms” Tool

Learn how to explore the major data elements and work with the data hierarchies in i2b2 at UF Health.

The “Find Terms” Tool

Learn how to locate variables to use in queries with the “Find Terms” function in i2b2

Using Modifiers

Learn how to use modifiers to run more precise queries in i2b2. For example, how to find patients with diagnoses that were present on admission.

Understanding “Same Encounter”

Learn how to set multiple query conditions in i2b2, and link them to occur within the same financial encounter.

Saving your Queries and Workplace

Learn how to save queries and data elements in your Workplace and how to retrieve and reuse your previous i2b2 queries after you have logged out.

The i2b2 Data Guide

The i2b2 data guide provide a descriptive overview of the data elements that are currently available for use in i2b2 queries.