The Integrated Data Repository is a large-scale database used to collect, store and report on information from across UF Health’s clinical and research enterprises. The IDR facilitates new research discoveries and enables patient care quality and safety.

Research Services


Every value-added interaction with the IDR research team begins with establishing a common understanding of the data available and a team’s research objective – be it to establish study feasibility, recruit patients, generate an hypothesis, or test an hypothesis.


Feasibility and Cohort Discovery

Our i2b2 tool offers research teams the ability to directly explore the UF Health patient population, identify cohort sizes, and assess the feasibility of retrospective and prospective studies.


Research Data

We provide line-level patient datasets that support research teams in answering a variety of research questions, and often reduce or eliminate the need for manual chart review.

Data Request

IRB-approved dataset

COVID-19 Patient Dataset

This de-identified dataset is already IRB approved, and available for research. The dataset compiles diagnosis, treatment, resource utilization, and outcomes information on UF Health patients with COVID-19-like symptoms or who have undergone COVID-19 clinical testing.