Feasibility and Cohort Discovery

The Self-Serve i2b2 Tool

The IDR research team provides feasibility and cohort discovery through its self-service i2b2 tool, and through custom queries run by data analysts in close consultation with research teams. The i2b2 tool is available to all UF research team members, allowing them to define cohorts of interest in UF Health patients, explore cohort sizes, and obtain demographic breakdowns.


How many patients with Type 2 diabetes have had three or more visits to a UF Health primary care clinic in the last 24 months? How many of these patients also have agreed to be re-contacted for research? How many of these patients have tissue samples available in the UF biorepository?

As a self-service tool, i2b2 allows researchers to ask these questions all on their own. Researchers can rapidly and iteratively identify how many patients who meet the criteria of interest exist in the IDR data.  The i2b2 Data Guide describes the types of data elements that can be built into an i2b2 query, and which can be built into line-level data requests with IRB approval.

To assess study feasibility or cohorts outside of i2b2, connect with an IDR research team member by emailing IRBDataRequest@ahc.ufl.edu or completing the IDR Request Form.

Picture of i2b2 tool instances. NCATS national instance, OneFlorida state instance, UFHealth i2b2 local instance.

Discovering Patients Locally, Across Florida, and Nationwide

In addition to an i2b2 tool for exploring patient data from UF Health Gainesville, research teams can explore patient data from UF Health Jacksonville, combined with Gainesville and Jacksonville data, OneFlorida statewide data, and national data through the NIH’s Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) program.  The Gainesville version of i2b2 provides the deepest data, and the ability to query on the largest number of data elements. In contrast, the OneFlorida version provides broader data on a cohort of patients across Florida. The ACT version aggregates from partner institutions across the country and offers UF researchers the ability to connect with potential collaborators at these institutions. Click here for more information on the full scope of research support services from OneFlorida and NCATS ACT.

i2b2 Resources